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worlds business. and the startup-capital- for-barbers business. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we live here. these are our families. and our neighbors. and by changing lives we're in more than the energy business we're in the human energy business. chevron. >> two georgetown students assaulted in one week. the concern on campus and a common thread linking both attacks. fire and frustration. >> this is the situation over the years. >> an inside look at where the situation is more serious. heartbreak over an education hero. >> [inaudible]
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>> a school principal murdered. a key clues that could lead to a killer. captioned by the national captioning institute a role model for so many taken too soon. we begin as friends of a beloved school teacher hold vigil after he was murdered. brian betts was found dead inside his home last night. richard reed has more on health loved ones are remembering him. >> a lot of folks are telling us brian was much more than a principle or a teacher, he was an inspiration. tonight, police are looking for answers. >> the way he treated you all grown-up is the way he treated -- >> and emotional gathering in germantown. >> it was a shock to all of us.
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>> former students, parents and teachers remembered brian betts. >> it is heartbreaking that someone took that from him. >> concerned co-workers found him shot to death thursday night in a bedroom of his home. this was after he failed to show up for work. >> it was a senseless tragedy. >> colleagues and students called him a superstar educator from his days as a teacher and cheerleading coach. >> he had belief in kids that did that even believe in themselves. >> he worked as a principal in the district. >> one of the important things he said is the relationship you built with children is really important. >> please indicate this was not a random crime. co-workers found an unlocked door. >> he was such a great person and did so much. >> on this night young people he
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inspired are asking why. >> he taught us all life lessons. he is one teacher i will never forget. >> authorities say a number of items were taken from his home, including his 2007 nissan xterra. it is dark blue in color. it is in maryland license plate. 562 m222. live from the montgomery county mobile newsroom, abc 7 news. >> there is more to this story. by an eerie coincidence, is murder comes eight years after two people were murdered in that same house. a father and daughter were killed back in 2002. the killer is serving a life sentence. to the latest on the school budget clash. vincent gray will hold a special
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meeting on this tomorrow. it will likely be dominated regarding the recent news of the funds available. michelle rhee revealed there was a $34 million surplus. many say there is no surplus. tomorrow's meeting is limited to parents and students in the school system. another round of storms is moving in and temperatures are on their way down. brian van de graaf has a first look at the radar. >> storms are dissipating a few. it will be pushing through overnight and we will have a much cooler and less sunny weekend. we are tracking things live on the super doppler radar. down to the southeast there are some showers into parts of charles county. a little bit heavier showers in
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martinsburg. that is where we have seen most of the rain. we had strong thunderstorms to the north. take a look at the wind gusts, 52 miles per hour in montgomery village. reston had a 48 mile per hour wind gusts. a mild night. the forecast calls for temperatures in the 60's. our numbers will drop and winds will pick up. it will be a good 25 degrees cooler than what we had this afternoon. war on the forecast coming up in a bit. >> -- more on the forecast. >> a georgetown university student sexually assaulted on campus. we are live where it happened. we have the latest on this case. >> i want you to take a look at prospect place in georgetown. it is a very clean and well-
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maintained area, but this most recent incident showed that crimes can and do happen about everywhere. extra police are patrolling the streets around georgetown campus and students are traveling in groups, taking precautions after a female student was sexually assaulted this morning. >> i thought it was shocking in happened so close to georgetown. >> police say a female student was approached from behind friday morning. she told police the man had a gun, put his hands up her dress and tore her clothes. she called police from her on campus residence. shortly after the georgetown community was notified through e-mail. >> we get alerts all the time at bat incidents that happened around campus. >> just last week another georgetown student was a salted, but in a dorm room. it is a pattern that has many on
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edge. >> you have to take precautions and be smart no matter where you are. >> we usually walk in packs anyway, because if you are asking -- walking alone you are asking for it. >> if police emphasize people do just that, travel in groups at night. that they seem very aware of their surroundings and call police if they see anyone suspicious near the campus. >> as she mentioned, this attack comes one week after a student was a salted on campus. in that -- a student was a salted -- assaulted on campus. former virginia governor is criticizing another former virginia governor, tim kaine. he wants him to resign as the national committee chair.
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the loss of ted kennedy's senate seat has things changing. any d.c. chair must be a fighter. so far, tim kaine has not responded. [inaudible] this time toyota is calling -- recalling their sienna minivan. they were sold in 20 states, including maryland, virginia and the district. toyota says cables could break and create a road hazard. for more informations, log onto our web onto our this latest recall comes as a house committee says it will hold another hearing on toyota's other problems. it will be next month on the sudden acceleration problems. toyota says it found no evidence of any electronic problems and they attribute the problem --
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frustration is growing in iceland and our area after volcanic ash is forcing airlines to ground airplanes. is not getting any easier for stranded passengers. it is a different -- dangerous situation for people living there. the volcano is awake. the multiple directions melting huge chunks of ice and flooding farmland's with money ice. >> i think the big one will be the next one. >> the ash has been blanketing europe's airspace, but roads are closed and the ash cuts through everything. >> i have been living here since i was born, so the mountain is my friend. >> i did not expect it to happen. >> neither did travelers from around the world. from this family in brussels --
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>> we don't have any money left. >> to this father worried about his daughter stranded in ireland. >> you could guess 100 different things that could keep your daughter in ireland and a volcano would never reach the top 100. >> it is confusing and a little annoying that you have to hang around the airport because otherwise you could go into d.c. and enjoy yourselves. >> the problems with this volcanic ash could change the president's plans to fly to poland for the funeral of the polish president. the president's plan on attending, but at this point he will not be able to fly there. the family of the late president has asked that the funeral be held as scheduled. coming up, a baseball fan gets hit at a nationals game, but the victim caught in the crossfire. >> a super hero sendoff.
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i will have the weekend movie guide coming up on abc 7 news. >> major work for metro this weekend means major delays. >> major work for metro this weekend means major delays.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 p.m. with leon harris, doug hill and tim brant sports. this is abc 7 news at 11:00 p.m. >> brace yourself for chaos if you plan on using the metro. track work is to blame and they are building a -- build and a lot of extra time. john gonzales is live outside the verizon metro stop with information you will want to know. >> it does not matter where you take metro, you will probably hit major delays. officials say they have put off major track work for months and cannot wait any longer. work starts tonight at the rosslyn station. like so many in d.c., at this woman does not own a car. she is dependent on metro.
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>> it is hard. >> the fact that the trains on many lines will share one track the entire weekend as this young mother concerned. >> it is difficult for me to get back and forth. >> recordings warned fans about delays tomorrow night. >> expect delays to travel place. >> fans say they will have to plan ahead. >> if any city can deal with this, it has to beat this one. >> go with metro because parking is pricey. >> metro riders can expect a lengthy delays of close to one hour. they will be replacing old track components and installing a new rail switch, all work that will force all trains to take turns. >> the snow prevented it from being done in february. we have to get this done. we want to make sure nothing
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happens that is unexpected. >> a necessary evil, but some questioned the timing. >> it seems like every time is nice out they have some kind of track work. >> metro says sports fans should allow about 40 minutes to their travel times. most trains will run 20 minutes apart. on to our web site for more details >> a registered sex offender in california has pleaded guilty to killing two teenagers. john gardner entered pleas in the deaths of two females. prosecutors say they will not seek the death penalty. investigators linked the murders through dna. the girl went missing in february 2009 in the same place where the first girl
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disappeared. changing gears, a new jersey man is facing charges after police say he intentionally vomited on an 11-year-old girl during the nationals game. police say matthew clemens made himself vomit after a companion was kicked out of the game. police say he also punched him and vomited on another officer. clemens is in jail tonight. a comedy about what happens to a funeral is among the moon movies -- is among a new movie. you cannot go wrong with a super hero film. >> that is not my father. >> chris rock, martin lawrence and tracy morgan redo the british farce "death at a funeral." r-rated, 2 stars. >> you don't need a power to be
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a super hero. >> super heroes get set up in "kickass." r-rated, 3.5 stars. if we can best but -- a wekend best bet. have a nice weekend. i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> he is full of surprises. i didn't think he was going to say the name. [laughter] >> this weekend may be all right for movies. it will be windy, but it will be 25 degrees cooler than today. >> as long as there is no rain. >> at least watch for the pollen. let's show you some temperatures. we have cooler numbers off to the north and west. our average high is the mid 60's. most spots are well above that.
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67 right now in leesburg, 70 downtown. martinsburg coming in at 64. i want to show you some other numbers and talk about what is going on across the area, because we have a frontal system that is off to our north and west. it will drop through the overnight hours, but noticed how it loses a lot of steam. we will watch a little bit of moisture trickled through, mainly just clouds. you will feel the difference as tomorrow -- as temperatures drop. we will drop to the afternoon. let's talk about some numbers and see what we have going on. we had a high today at 85 degrees at reagan national. not too far from the record of 2002 at 92 degrees. we were well above that, but tomorrow we will be on the
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opposite side of that. the colder air will work its way in and the winds will be rather blustery, 20 miles per hour. even if we are in the low 60's and the sun breaks through, the gwynns will add a little bit of a chill. -- the winds will add a chill. the winds will pick up out of the northwest and we will go partly sunny by tomorrow afternoon, but for the weekend it will be cooler stretch. temperatures but this below average. looking into next week, no big system coming down the pike. it will be gradual warming as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday. nothing too big. it is just not as nice when you have an 85 degree friday. >> but at some point maybe in the next couple of weeks we will
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>> the latest as airports around the world are on ground hold because of the volcano eruption. that sure got your attention. >> i said, what? on and talk about the redskins. they gather to throw the ball brown today. what is going on with the washington nationals? they detected raindrops and we will talk about that in sports
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer, moving you forward. >> opening a three game said at the stadium with the milwaukee brewers. that's go down to the stadium. game tied at one. that is his pitch, he takes it for a ride. say bye-bye to the baseball. the national's down a run in the bottom of the eighth and adam kennedy at the plate. here comes josh. the nationals win again, giving their record at 504 this season. cabstands are hoping whoever kidnapped their superstar
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forward and kept him out of last night's playoff game will let him free. alexander ovechkin was invisible. he was not able to get any shots on goal. bruce boudreau believes it comes down to letting him be himself. >> when he is on top of his game it does not matter how he is plain. that is just the way we have looked at it for the 2.5 years i have been here. that is why we don't try to get him away, because if he has on top of his game it does not matter. >> the pittsburgh penguins also dug themselves a hole, losing game 1. all tied up with under five minutes to play. sydney turned into a globetrotter. playing keep away behind the goal. finally, he finds an opening. that is good and the penguins went 2-1. the mike shanahan era beginning
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at redskins park. the clearest suited up for the first minicamp. jason campbell was a no show, as expected. mike shanahan was there patrolling the fields. they will be holding a minicamp on sunday. redskins fans will have a chance to see sean taylor's locker up close after his murder in 2007. now the redskins are moving the memorial to fedex field so fans can stop by and see it. let's check in and see how jerry rice is doing on the golf course. he is hosting the fresh express classic which is part of [unintelligible] he shot a 12 over 83, just 20 strokes off the lead. here is what he said about his putter. i want to take it home and [unintelligible] 153rd in a field of 155.
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>> he really meant it. he will be taking it to the club house grill in no time. he won't even take it home.
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>> we can break out the sweaters again. >> a little bit cooler over the weekend. you can see a lot of showers of to the west, but they are falling about -- falling apart. very minor accumulations of rain and cooler air. we will notice a big change. today we were 85 degrees and tomorrow 60 will be the high. gusty winds will make it feel cooler. it gets a little better. >> it will be a different summer. [laughter] summer. [laughter] "nightline" is
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somewhere in america... the slightest breeze harbors immense power.
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the tallest buildings leave the lightest footprints. a fifty-ton train makes barely a mark on the environment. and a country facing climate change finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers.
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